The Thomas Edison Invention Challenge started in 2010 to celebrate the spirit of invention, and to spur young folks to strive to become the next Thomas Edison! When Edison created his invention factory concept [later to become corporate R&D labs], he used a team-based,integrated or interdisciplinary, head and hands, approach to new product development— exactly what we recognize today as STEM. We can think of Edison as the original “STEM-meister”.

Participants Receive and Quick Facts:

  • Winners receive 3D Printers and other cool prizes!
  • Officially now a Virtual STEM Competition- All submissions must be uploaded through a shared google drive folder- We do not accept email or any other type of submissions outside of google drive. 
  • K-12 Students are eligible to participate
  • Next Season will open for registration in Fall 2016. 
  • $250 Teacher Stipend to all schools who complete the competition (1 per school)
  • Contact with any questions

Winners of the 2015-16 Edison Invention Challenge Season:

High School Winners 

  1. Hackettstown High School, NJ Tiger Team 
  2. High Point Regional High School, NJ The Composters
  3. Chaney STEM Campus, OH D.R. ResponsersMiddle/Elementary School Winners


Middle School Winners 

  1.  Freehold Intermediate School, NJ STEM Starz- Overall Winner
  2. Linwood Middle School, NJ lms7 
  3. Heritage Middle School, NJ Swagmasters Tech

High School Winner 2015-16

High School WInner

Middle School Winner